Doll Repair & Restoration

Our doll hospital is a full service facility.  We repair and restore all types of collectables in porcelain, composition, cloth, plastic and vinyl. 

Porcelain is restored using museum restoration techniques.  Replacement parts are manufactured in our studio when needed and finished appropriately.  (Museum restoration type repairs require the use of paints that can be dissolved in an ammonia solution.  Because of this, we warn against using harsh or caustic cleaning products.)

Composition is mended and painted to match surrounding surfaces.  Our restoration techniques achieve results that look authentic, not "new".

Rocker eyes can be repaired and reset; wigs can be mended, cleaned, set and styled, or replaced if needed.  Leather bodies can be mended and patched; muslin bodies can be re-created.  Clothing can be cleaned, mended, or replaced with custom, period fabric and styles. The options are endless!

Composition Restorations Hard Plastic and Vinyl Restorations
Composition Repair Composition Repair Composition Repair Plastic Repair Plastic and Vinyl Repair
China and Porcelain Restorations
Bisque Repair Bisque Repair Porcelain Figurine Repair China Head Repair China Head Repair Porcelain Figurine Repair Porcelain Shoulder-Head Repair Porcelain Shoulder-Head Repair
Plush Toy Restorations Various Material Restorations
Plush Bear Repair Plush and Plastic Santa Repair Papier Mache Repair Cloth Doll Repair Lamp Repair Costuming Leather Body Repair

Let us help you take care of your collectables for your enjoyment and for future generations.  Each of your treasures are treated as if they are our own.


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